GAAF! Bloemen en Planten is a floral boutique located in the charming town of Dalen, known for its stunning bouquets and creative floral arrangements. Working in collaboration with Salted by Salt, I had the opportunity to design the complete visual identity for GAAF! Bloemen en Planten, including the logo, color scheme, typography, and other branding elements.
To ensure that the visual identity aligned with the brand's core values and objectives, I worked closely with the team to understand their vision and values. Once we established the design direction, I created a comprehensive brand book that laid out all the design elements, guidelines, and best practices.
Furthermore, we also had the opportunity to photograph GAAF!'s beautiful floral arrangements for their social media channels, which helped to showcase the brand's unique style and quality. It was truly rewarding to see GAAF! implement the visual identity on their own car and van, which gave their branding a cohesive and professional look.
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